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What are the Trending Reels on Instagram? — November 2023 Roundup




What are the Trending Reels on Instagram? — September 2023 RoundupDiscover the hottest trends on Instagram Reels this month.Trend: If It’s Lovin’ That You Want — September 28, 2023Trend Recap: Rihanna’s 2005 hit track, “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” is back and catchier than ever. Grab your bestie and vlog a coffee date, clips from your work day, or a weekend recap!Audio: Original Audio – endlessmomdiaryCurrent # of Posts: 6.6KTrend: More Passion, More Energy — September 28, 2023Trend Recap: All aboard the motivation train! Put a little more passion and energy into filming your everyday tasks with this hilarious audio. Audio: Original Audio – bigmanbanta Current # of Posts: 46.5KTrend: Thank You, Barbie — September 28, 2023Trend Recap: Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement from Barbie. Use this soundbite to spotlight a menial task or a recent accomplishment that you’d like more praise for. Audio: Original audio – emilygstephensCurrent # of Posts: 871Trend: Stayin’ Alive — September 21, 2023Trend Recap: Whether it’s a cafe review, a recipe, or a collection of clips from a recent photoshoot, this remixed Bee Gees track lets you spotlight your content to a catchy beat.Audio: Original audio – oguzdoganay0Current # of Posts: 18.5KTrend: I’ve Been In Love — September 21, 2023Trend Recap: This whimsical track is picking up steam.It’s the perfect background tune for OOTDs, throwback montages, or a product highlight or two.Audio: I’ve Been In Love (feat. Channel Tres) – JungleCurrent # of Posts: 19.4KTrend: I Want It That Way — September 15, 2023Trend Recap: Anything you’re in denial about?Pair this vintage Backstreet Boys track with text overlay and share it with the class — we promise not to judge!Audio [Business Account Friendly]: Original audio – julez540Current # of Posts: 964Trend: The Music That Starts Playing In My Head — September 15, 2023Trend Recap: This audio sums up a feeling we can all relate to, confusion. Use the trend to share a moment where you simply could not relate or understand. Audio [Business Account Friendly]: Original audio – kiss_myabsCurrent # of Posts: 1.7KTrend: The Girlies Love The Vibes — September 15, 2023Trend Recap: Julia Fox knows the vibes and so do you.Whether it’s showcasing your space, an OOTD, or your product assortment, this is an easy sound to hop on — with multiple Reels reaching over 1M views!Audio [Business Account Friendly]: Original audio – sareishCurrent # of Posts: 5.5KTrend: Back On 74 — September 8, 2023Trend Recap: Jungle’s new track “Back On 74” has made its way to Reels and it’s the perfect addition to a scenic view, a day in the life, or a fresh tutorial. Audio: Back on 74 – JungleCurrent # of Posts: 25.2KTrend: Lujon — September 8, 2023Trend Recap: Romanticize the latest clip in your camera roll with this vintage track by Henry Mancini. Whether it’s a morning vlog or a sunset on the open water, this one’s bound to make waves. Audio [Business Account Friendly]: Original audio – theeverygirlCurrent # of Posts: 13.2KTrend: Millionaire — September 8, 2023Trend Recap: Aaaand to the beat!Use this throwback Kelis track to share your favorite clips all in one Reel — fit checks are strongly encouraged. Audio: Millionaire (feat. André 3000) – KelisCurrent # of Posts: 11.6KTrend: I Am An Autumn — September 1, 2023Trend Recap: This autumn-themed audio clip from Gilmore Girls is the perfect excuse to show off your favorite seasonal activities. From pumpkin carving to reading a spooky book, what are you falling for this time of year (see what we did there)? Audio: Original audio – emilywelchstyle Current # of Posts: 2.2K Trend: Cry To Me — September 1, 2023 Trend Recap: Got something on your mind?Use this cover of “Cry To Me” by Solomon Burke to share your thoughts and feels, or just your current mood.Audio: Original audio – marcbroussard Current # of Posts: 43.7K Trend: Moon — September 1, 2023 Trend Recap:  Incoming: chill, retro vibes. Pair this trending audio with text overlay to showcase a new purchase, a day-in-the-life, or a super aesthetic morning routine!Audio: Moon – SiggerrCurrent # of Posts: 5.2K Want to schedule your Reels in advance? Later’s scheduling tools have got you covered. Join over 7M brands, creators, and social media managers, and create an account today.