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What are the Trending Reels on Instagram? — November 2023 Roundup



What are the Trending Reels on Instagram? — November 2023 RoundupDiscover the hottest trends on Instagram Reels this month.Trend: Click Click — November 23, 2023Trend Recap: Say cheese! This audio gives you a chance to show off those picture-perfect photos timed to the clicks of a camera. Use it to share a recap of a recent event or even multiple angles of a new product. Audio: Original Audio – yk____.jpCurrent # of Posts: 35.8KTrend: Daily Struggle — November 23, 2023Trend Recap: Proof: There’s solidarity in the struggle. While this trending audio might exude doom and gloom, it’s the perfect opportunity for you and your audience to connect on the woes of your industry.Audio: Original Audio – _ellawillisCurrent # of Posts: 1.9K Trend: Sleigh Ride — November 23, 2023Trend Recap: Keep the holiday vibes coming! Pair this Ella Fitzgerald cover of the Christmas classic “Sleigh Ride” with a cozy day in the life or holiday-themed clips. Audio: Original Audio – firstladyofsong Current # of Posts: 12.6K Trend: The Holiday — November 17, 2023Trend Recap: This audio is proof that festive season is here.Welcome it by highlighting your favorite holiday activities — whether it’s packing orders, decorating your house, or showcasing items from your shop. Audio: Maestro (From “The Holiday”) — London Music WorksCurrent # of Posts: 41.3KTrend: 2023 Recap — November 17, 2023Trend Recap: It’s that time of year again.This audio and music pairing makes for the perfect 2023 recap. Simply click the Reel below and select “Use Template” to easily jump on the trend.Audio: 2023 Recap — hiforrest Current # of Posts: 5KTrend: Real Love Baby — November 17, 2023Trend Recap: Here are those good vibes you ordered.This Father John Misty track pairs perfectly with a cozy recipe, a day in the life, or a morning vlog.Audio: Real Love Baby — Father John MistyCurrent # of Posts: 35.1KTrend: Theme From a Summer Place — November 10, 2023Trend Recap: Anything can be romanticized with this dreamy audio. Vlog your daily coffee walk, highlight your favorite moments from the week, or fill the screen with a beloved quote. Audio: Theme From A Summer Place – @nbao.tCurrent # of Posts: 7.1K Over 7M brands, social media managers, and creators trust Later’s social media management tools to plan, schedule, and analyze their posts. Create a free account today. Trend: My Boyfriend Has Two Girlfriends — November 10, 2023Trend Recap: Don’t let the title fool you, anyone can hop on this trend — no partner required. Showcase your funniest alter egos, compare your best and worst work-from-home fits — the possibilities are endless. Audio: My Boyfriend Has Two Girlfriends – @jacquiealexander Current # of Posts: 13.5KTrend: Benjamin’s Deli Dance — November 10, 2023Trend Recap: This viral TikTok trend has made its way to Reels, and users are putting a new spin on it.Use this sound to share relatable work frustrations, OOTDs, or your latest foodie obsessions. Audio: Benjamin’s Deli Dance – @kingbachCurrent # of Posts: 40.8KTrend: Moonlight Serenade — November 3, 2023Trend Recap: Use this ballad from the 1930s to set the scene for the ultimate fall-inspired video.Whether it’s your latest baking recipe or travel recommendations, this audio makes for a great cozy backdrop. Audio: Moonlight Serenade — @theglennmillerorchestraCurrent # of Posts: 11KTrend: What Space Feels Like — November 3, 2023Trend Recap: Photographers — this trend is for you. Use the audio to show off a collection of your most recent (or favorite) photographs, share before-and-afters, or to highlight your editing skills. Audio: this is what space feels like — itsjvke Current # of Posts: 53.5K Trend: Bloom — November 3, 2023Trend Recap: This cover of “Bloom” by The Paper Kites has been slowly heating up on the feed, so jump on it soon. It works well for vlogs, tutorials, nature shots, or a day-in-the-life. Audio: Original audio — ebbamusic Current # of Posts: 9K