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What are the Trending Reels on Instagram? — January 2024 Roundup



What are the Trending Reels on Instagram? — January 2024 Roundup

Discover the hottest trends on Instagram Reels this month.

Trend: We’re Focused — January 26, 2024

Trend Recap: Use this trending, chilled out audio to share your POV.

Add it to a montage of video clips for the ultimate trip recap.

Audio: We’re Focused — etahno

Current # of Posts: 26.2K

Trend: Hiphop Drums — January 26, 2024

Trend Recap: Simply match some b-roll footage with this Run-D.M.C. beat, add text, and voila.

Think tips, reminders, or a lightbulb moment!

Audio: Original Audio — grovemandrums

Current # of Posts: 4.2K

Trend: I Just Flipped a Switch — January 26, 2024

Trend Recap: Looking for an easy, faceless Reels trend?

Just pair this remixed audio with on-screen text that highlights lessons you’ve learned or tips that could benefit your audience.

Audio: Original Audio — aliciae

Current # of Posts: 2.7K

Trend: Groovy Tune — January 19, 2024

Trend Recap: This “What You Won’t Do For Love” remix makes is a groovy track for your Reels content this week.

Whether it’s a tutorial or a product highlight, simply add a clip or two and you’re done.

No timing to the beat needed.

Audio: Original Audio — ginatolles

Current # of Posts: 12.3K

Trend: 2008 Throwback — January 19, 2024

Trend Recap: Anything can look cool with this throwback track.

Vlog your daily coffee walk, highlight your favorite food spots, or edit together a collage of photos.

Audio: She’s Like A Star — Taio Cruz

Current # of Posts: 12.5K

Trend: Folk Background — January 19, 2024

Trend Recap: Noah Kahan’s unreleased song is making its rounds on Reels and you’re going to want to jump on this fast.

Pair this trending sound with an eight-second video from your camera roll, add text, and voilà.

Audio: noah kahan unreleased song — @wildfaithphoto

Current # of Posts: 6,287

Trend: Because I Feel Better — January 12, 2024

Trend Recap: Looking for an excuse to justify your latest indulgence or obsession? This audio from the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” should do the trick.

Use the text tool to add a question over a few video clips and let the audio do the answering.

Audio: Original Audio – gaymemekween

Current # of Posts: 4K

Trend: Quick Change — January 12, 2024

Trend Recap: Looking for a compilation audio to create some good vibes? Look no further.

Compile your favorite fits, hype a new product, or even recap your day — whatever you show off, just make sure your Reel is quick and snappy.

Audio: Original Audio – Cristobalremu

Current # of Posts: 7.8K

Trend: Okay, Bye! — January 12, 2024

Trend Recap: Say your goodbyes — we’re sharing what we’re leaving behind in 2023.

Look to the future and use this short trending track to show off your 2024 mood.

Audio: Okay, Bye! – Original Audio

Current # of Posts: 5.4K

Trend: Still Players My Name — January 5, 2024

Trend Recap: PSA: There’s still time to get your 2023 recap in on Reels.

Compile your best clips, pop in this throwback mix, and kiss the year goodbye!

Audio: DJ Flex – Still Players My Name

Current # of Posts: 17.5K

Trend: Jazzy Guitar Riff — January 5, 2024

Trend Recap: Seeking a groovy audio to pair with your simple yet life-changing hack or recipe? Look no further.

Audio: Original audio – mayadelilahh

Current # of Posts: 19.4K

Trend: Murder On The Dancefloor — January 5, 2024

Trend Recap: This Saltburn soundtrack is taking over Reels and we’re not complaining.

Use the iconic audio to share foodie favorites, OOTDs, and 2024’s first outings.

Audio: Murder On The Dancefloor – Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Current # of Posts: 31.4K

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