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What are the Trending Reels on Instagram? — December 2023 Roundup



What are the Trending Reels on Instagram? — December 2023 Roundup

Discover the hottest trends on Instagram Reels this month.

Trend: NYC In 1940 — December 8, 2023

Trend Recap: Take this jazz-house audio from DJ berlioz, and you’ve got a fun backdrop for your Reels content this week.

From a tutorial to a fit check, simply sync your content to the rhythm of the beat.

Audio: nyc in 1940 — berlioz

Current # of Posts: 5.9K

Trend: Sleigh Ride — December 8, 2023

Trend Recap: Tis the season!

This audio is a go-to soundtrack for showcasing holiday outfits, setting the mood for a festive GRWM, or sharing your favorite desserts.

Audio: Original audio — ruma_sharmaa

Current # of Posts: 4.7K

Trend: The Secret Ingredient Is… — December 8, 2023

Trend Recap: Use this trend (featuring a clip from Kung Fu Panda) to share a personal mantra or your key to success.

It’s a motivational audio that can inspire others, and is applicable to various niches — whether it’s life as an entrepreneur or starting up a new morning routine.

Audio: Original audio — thinkingmindspage

Current # of Posts: 10.8K

Trend: Shut Up! — December 1, 2023

Trend Recap: Perfect for revealing a new look or exciting news, share something that’ll make people go, “Shut up!”

Audio: Original audio — kyliegarbourg

Current # of Posts: 3K

Trend: Presha — December 1, 2023

Trend Recap: Have a tutorial, round-up, or product to share with the class?

Pop this new 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne track over it, and time your clips to the beat.

Audio: Presha — 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne

Current # of Posts: 197K

Trend: Record Scratch — December 1, 2023

Trend Recap: Calling all fashion-forward Reels users.

Share your OOTD, latest thrift find, or DIY garment using this trending sound.

Audio: Original audio — pwuftalkscars

Current # of Posts: 22.2K

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