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Instagram Reels Trending Songs & Audios Right Now (November 2023)



  • This song being used as a folksy backing track to videos with a powerful/emotional message or visual
  • This song being used as a backing track for epic videos with a “wait for it” moment/buildup like a cool view or transition
  • This song being used for motivational and inspirational videos that contrast two kinds of mindsets or lifestyles
  • This song being used for calm and beautiful clips, usually in the travel/lifestyle niche
  • This song being used for videos with a moody/dark vibe
  • This upbeat song being used for cinematic and aesthetic videos across all niches
  • This song being used for pretty reels with a twinge of sadness/nostalgia
  • This funny audio being used for travel reels
  • This neutral backing track being used for videos of all niches, usually with edits synced to the beat